SKD M1911 GEL BLASTER. The SKD M1911 hopper fed gel blaster is the only hopper fed blaster that we would recommend! The consistency of feeding is above anything we have ever seen, and it comes standard with a torch and laser for your troubles. Hopper fed means the gel balls are fed through the sight-shaped gel canister on the top of the blaster.

The blaster also has a bottle that you can put on top to allow you to hold more gels. If you are looking for a basic yet extremely fun blaster, this is the one.

  1. Hopper-Fed Design
  2. Great Gel Ball Capacity
  3. Two Type of Hoppers Included
  4. Fully Automatic
  5. Easy On/Off button
  6. 20mm Picatinny Rails for Tactical Attachments
  7. Construction: High Quality ABS

 SKD M1911 Hopper Fed Gel Blaster Toy Gun
Sight-Shaped Hopper
Bottle Hopper
7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
USB Charging Cable
Muzzle Extension
Torch and Laser Accessories


Velocity: 150 Feet Per Second (FPS)

1. What should I do if the item I received is defective?

Please email us a photo if
possible, as most issues can be resolved with setup. We work to find a solution as quickly as possible so you can resume
your pastime.


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if it is in brand-new condition and comes with all accessories. Please be aware that the buyer is responsible for paying the shipment and return shipping fees, which are not refundable. We will replace or repair only identical items that are damage .
In every situation, the buyer is responsible for paying for shipment or return shipping.

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