Salient G-Series “Shadow Bullet” HPA Pistol Kit




If you are looking to dominate the CQB style gameplay then look no further. This G-Series custom HPA kit takes precision and power to the absolute next level to say the least!

This custom HPA pistol kit is a unique, very very accurate and powerful pistol and is not to be taken as a joke, this is purely competition ready and has a shooting range of up to 30 meters!

Sporting the latest Aluminium electric HPA M4 adaptor for the perfect feeding and high powered shots this beast will make you unstoppable in kills and hard to catch with the unique compact set up.

In this kit you will receive a full plug and play package which allows you to not need to purchase anything else to get started, it is all here in one package ready for you to go!

Sporting a full metal construction and a shooting distance of up to 30 meters and a shooting power of 310-350+ feet per second, this pistol is absolutely no joke.

Our range of customs are the latest range we have released and we cannot recommend them enough!

If you are after power, precision and distance then look no further… the custom “Shadow Bullet” is the pistol for you!

  • Metal Construction
  • Smooth Quick Action Mag Release
  • 150% Enhanced Recoil Spring
  • Aluminium Inner Barrel with Integrated Hop-Up
  • Razor X Precision Aluminium Hop-Up/ Flash Hider Kit
  • Aluminium HPA M4 Mag Adaptor
  • HPA Battery
  • Custom Salient G-Pistol Metal Extended Compensator
  • EPM Magazine
  • Storm Tank Regulator
  • Polarstar 36″ Air-Line
  • GladiatAir A48 Tank
  • G-Series Carbine Kit + Extra Mag Storage

300-320+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

1. What should I do if the item I received is defective?

Please email us a photo if
possible, as most issues can be resolved with setup. We work to find a solution as quickly as possible so you can resume
your pastime.


Before returning any goods, get in touch with us; If you return any goods without our approval, we will not accept it. submit refund requests 30 days after arrival. We will not accept used items.

Returned goods will be send  back to the supplier for inspection once we have received them. We will reimburse the entire purchase price
if it is in brand-new condition and comes with all accessories. Please be aware that the buyer is responsible for paying the shipment and return shipping fees, which are not refundable. We will replace or repair only identical items that are damage .
In every situation, the buyer is responsible for paying for shipment or return shipping.

Please keep in mind to write down the sender’s complete address when returning a package so that it matches the order. If not we will return the package .


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