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Is it Illegal to Not Have an Orange Tip on a Gel Blaster?

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Is it Illegal to Not Have an Orange Tip on a Gel Blaster? Today’s topic involves major legal difficulties revolving around the topic of gel blasters. Because many people ask the above question from vendors before they buy a gel blaster. So if you are also a newcomer and someone who does not know much about gel blasters, then this topic will help you figure out one of the most key things to think about before making a purchase.And we will make sure to provide all the possible information for you to bring you clarity. Because this small orange tip surrounds a major legal issue around toy guns of all types. And if you are not careful enough, then you will have to face these issues by yourself.

So let’s first identify what type of legalities are involved in this situation, and later on, we will tell you how to avoid them. And this information is not only useful for gel blaster owners but airsoft owners as well. Therefore let’s start the discussion and inform ourselves before making a purchase.


Manufacturers add orange tips to distinguish toy weapons from actual firearms. Because doing so is required by law if they intend to sell the weapons to the public. Taking the orange tip off is a crime in various areas, including California in the USA.

because the majority of toy firearms available on the market today look remarkably like real guns. To tell what is true from what is fake, some markers or identifiers are therefore needed. Since most toy guns, including airsoft and gel blasters, come into the imitation gun category. And you can tell if it’s phony or not thanks to the orange tip.

The reason for this is that whether it’s fake or not, the shape of a gun does have some power of fear. Because of the constant rise of gun crimes around the world people tend to fear even a shadow of a gun. And this is not the only reason as many criminals use these guns to commit crimes as well. Orange tips have become a must-have element in any form of fake gun seen on the market as a result of these factors.

But there are still some issues when it comes to purchasing these toy guns. Therefore let’s find out how to totally avoid any legalities when it comes to buying gel blasters or any other type of imitation guns. Does Gel Blasters Leave A Mess Behind?



1. Buying from a registered vendor


Always keep in mind to buy your toy guns from a registered vendor instead. Even if it’s a hand-me-down or second-hand gun, make sure to find out the vendor of the toy gun. The same holds true for any imitation firearms, not only gel blasters. Due to the fact that registered dealers are far more inclined to include orange tips with their guns than unregistered sellers. Things You Should Never Do With the Gel Balls for Gun

2. Always keep an eye on the orange tip


The orange tip of your gel blaster must always be on while you are carrying it or using it. Therefore, anytime you bring the pistol outside, you must remember to look for the orange tip. If the tip is present, playing with gel blasters outside on playgrounds or fields will be less problematic for you. What is a gel blaster?

3. Don’t carry the toy pistol recklessly.


Never take out your toy gun and travel carelessly as they can raise eyebrows and the attention of people. And this is not a good thing when it comes to imitation guns as there is the factor of fear involved among the people. So make sure to properly cover it and have it inside a container before traveling. It’s the same when it comes to storage as well even if it’s inside your house. Because some guests can panic if there are realistic-looking guns inside the living spaces. Is it Illegal to Not Have an Orange Tip on a Gel Blaster?

4. Avoid using the toy pistol outside of the playground or fields.


It is usually a good idea to avoid using gel blasters outside of designated play areas or fields. Because it could give rise to assumptions that generate alarm if it’s a regular playground or public park. Always make sure to locate a suitable space where you may use gel blasters without running into any of these problems. And as gel blasters are becoming more and more popular, new locations where you may play with them are always opening up, so this is not a difficult chore.

As a parting thought, we like to recommend you highly consider these points we mentioned to enjoy playing with gel blaster without involving any legalities. And also, always buy from a legal and registered vendor like ourselves that will give you less headaches.

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